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When a woman is faced with a breast cancer diagnosis it is often followed by a single or double mastectomy which can be devastating to a woman’s self-image.  Fortunately, with advanced surgical techniques, women now have the option of reconstructive breast surgery that can be begun immediately following the mastectomy.

There are several options available for breast reconstruction.  At Envy Aesthetic Center, we offer the most advanced techniques available for breast reconstruction:

  • Tissue expander & breast implant surgery
  • TRAM Flap Surgery using autologous tissues

Tissue Expander Breast Surgery

Many times tissue expander breast surgery is preferred because it requires less downtime and leaves patients with fewer scars. This procedure makes use of a tissue expander to enable the body to grow additional skin for use in reconstructive procedures. In the case of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, a silicone balloon is placed just under the skin of the chest and is slowly expanded to stretch and stimulate the growth of extra skin.

After the tissue expander is placed in the chest wall, it is filled with a sterile saline solution through an access port located just beneath the skin.  The access port consists of a very small tube that has a self-sealing valve that connects to the tissue expander. Over a period of about 4-5 months, the tissue expander is refilled, causing it to grow, stretching the skin to allow placement of a breast implant.

Tram Flap Breast Reconstruction

TRAM Flap surgery is a reconstructive procedure performed immediately after a mastectomy to reconstruct the shape of the breast using muscle, fat and skin from the abdomen. Technically known as transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous, TRAM Flap breast reconstruction is one of the more popular methods for breast reconstruction after cancer.

TRAM Flap breast reconstruction can be performed using one of two methods:

Pedicle TRAM Flap Surgery

The pedicle TRAM flap technique transfers skin, fat, blood vessels and free muscle to the skin under the chest through an internal tunnel keeping all components intact.

Free TRAM Flap Surgery

The free TRAM flap technique is more advanced and requires the use of the skin, fat, blood vessels and free muscle that are removed and relocated and reconnected to the blood supply in the chest via microsurgery. Many prefer this technique over pedicle TRAM flap because the results are more natural.

With both methods, Dr. Gonzalez makes an incision along the bikini line from hip to hip, then the necessary skin, muscle and fat are relocated to the breast site. This procedure also includes a tummy tuck to repair the area where the skin was removed, which is often an added benefit to this procedure.

In some cases breast implants are used to provide added fullness, particularly in those with less fat and tissue. Areola and nipple reconstruction is also available to restore the full likeness of the breast which consists of skin grafts and precise tattooing methods.

Dr. Gonzalez has undergone microsurgery and breast surgery training; Dr. Gonzalez dedicated to providing patients with natural looking results. With expertise in Free TRAM Flap surgery, the transferred fat and tissue will have good circulation which provides warm, soft breasts that move and look like a normal breast.

Am I A Candidate for TRAM Flap Breast Reconstruction?

Ideal candidates for TRAM Flap breast reconstruction are:

  • Of average weight
  • Are in good general health
  • Do not smoke

It is recommended that patients also complete radiation prior to undergoing TRAM flap surgery to ensure optimal results for both procedures. Dr. Gonzalez will work as a team with your oncologist and surgeon to coordinate your breast reconstruction prior to your mastectomy to ensure that you will achieve the result that closely resembles the shape and size of your original breast.

Breast Reconstruction with Insurance

As of 1998, insurance companies are required to cover breast reconstruction after mastectomy under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act.

Dr. Gonzalez will be happy to personally consult with you to discuss your options for breast reconstruction surgery to achieve the most natural looking results.

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