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Noses come in all shapes and sizes, some are perfectly-shaped and are in proportion with the rest of our facial features. Others are not. For those who feel self-conscious about the size and shape of their noses, a rhinoplasty can correct imperfections of the shape and size of the nose. Often combined with nasal surgery, rhinoplasty also corrects injuries, breathing problems and birth defects.

Some of the common issues that Rhinoplasty can correct include:

  • Nose is out of proportion with the rest of the facial features
  • Bump on the bridge
  • Downward curving tip
  • Enlarged tip
  • Flaring nostrils
  • Off-center or crooked
  • Lack of symmetry due to a previous injury
  • Perpetually stuffy

Dr. Gonzalez often performs rhinoplasty in combination with a septoplasty to correct malformed nasal cartiledge which is often the root cause of breathing problems in the nose.

Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

You may be a candidate for rhinoplasty if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • You do not smoke
  • Your face has finished growing
  • You have realistic expectations of the results

During your consultation, Dr. Gonzalez will examine you and discuss recommendations for the best type of procedure to achieve the best results.

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